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The Contributors

Harris Kupperman

Harris Kupperman is the president and founder of Praetorian Capital, a macro themed hedge fund based in Florida. Since its launch in 2003, the fund has consistently sought to be early in identifying longer term macro trends and finding companies that will benefit from those trends.

Mr. Kupperman is the Chairman and CEO of Mongolia Growth Group, Ltd (YAK: Canada and MNGGF: USA) a publicly traded company focused on investing in the rapidly growing economy of Mongolia. For more information on Mongolia Growth Group, please visit

Mr. Kupperman is also the chief adventurer of, a site dedicated to uncovering unique opportunities around the world.

Man In Black

Man In Black ”M.i.B” is an independent trader and consultant to hedge funds.



“Yoda” is an analyst at Praetorian Capital focusing on value opportunities.